Using our services is like having your own IT team, but at a fraction of the cost. No need to worry about who’s fixing what or who’s working and who’s not. Let us be your one stop source for all your computer needs. We’ll work with you to help you reach your company’s maximum
Most importantly:
  • There’s absolutely no risk to you (Free Initial Consultation)
  • You’ll be surprised at just how much we can help
  • By delaying,  you could be losing money.

         KEA Computing Solutions Inc. is owned and operated by Kyle Abrahams. He has a Master Degree in Computer Science and has been involved with computers for over 10 years. We have a team of consultants specializing in the areas listed on our services page. Kyle personally oversees all details, and you only need deal with him. We’ve worked on projects for clients of all sizes, from major credit card corporations to "mom and pop" shops. There is no business too large or small that we can't help.




KEA Computing Solutions INC.            " KEA on the punch"

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