"Kyle has been a great asset to Evergreen Mortgage. By streamlining the process and eliminating re-work, Kyle reduced our effort by more than two hours [per file]."         

  ~ Tom Fitzgerald, President; Evergreen Mortgage NY  

"Kyle continues to be responsive to my cries for help, providing intuitive, innovative solutions that work! He is always available to test solutions and often provides multiple approaches. The things that I appreciate most are that he doesn’t get rattled, and his 'can do' attitude.”

  ~ Carlyle Crothers, President; Enterprise Excellence      


  "ICM is very thankful for finding Kyle. No one has ever returned our calls or responded as quickly as he does. Kyle will work very long hours to make sure our problems are solved and we are up and running. He is very attentive to all of our companies needs - big or small."

~Nicole Leonard, Director of Operations; Integrated Construction Management, Inc.

More to follow in the near future!





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